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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale historical accumulation and perfect manual Process, the coin watch worthy of the name of the real classic brand, since 1964 available at the beginning, it has always been Corum show tabulation process Charm of the mainstay, and, as always, showing the brand 's timeless charm and extraordinary attainments International Technology and RSS feed Luxury communication platform 2016, mini bag trend in the fashion circle has maintained a strong momentum, almost the smaller the more fashion, so Wallet On Chain (chain wallet, referred to as WOC) more and more popular. Looks than the conventional Size of the package section of Silver, and other N variety of the United States out of the sky color design, most people are difficult to resist! Diorama itself that iconic rattan design has Has been elegant temperament invincible, the new Diorama WOC series also fully inherited its material and shape. Diorama actually looks like a mini size, but the price is beautiful lot! Diorama WOC built-in 4 card position, a note-bit discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet and zipper bags, As the function of the wallet is perfect. Diorama woc can shoulder, Messenger, you can also remove the chain directly on the big bag when the wallet with a concave shape is absolutely magic. A lot of color, black is most suitable for commuting. Chiara Ferragn, the cosmos blogger, is carrying Diorama WOC. Exquisite small Diorama WOC, how to mix will not go wrong. Rihanna for the Diorama series of advertising large. This is the 2016 autumn and winter the latest Diorama WOC, color more than the The following structure - some children like more functional chain wallet, then black recommended Dior Lady series of WOC. The internal structure of the ash is often rich, 16 card positions, a note-bit, there are two layers of space. Relatively short, limited to Shoulin, biased in the evening bag. Now that the theme is the chain of wallet, how can ignore the other front-line big-name WOC. Black This gives you Meng to a chain of wallet a large summary, A comparison was more out of color! Chanel WOC WOC ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet mention how can not mention the ancestor of the chain bag Chanel, no Chanel no WOC 's Popular. The original Chanel WOC is a classic CF money models to simplify the original clamshell, retaining the double C logo, elegant than the conventional package, WOC more with a point. Today, 2.55, leboy and so have their own WOC models. Is also a very rich choice, red, black and white are popular, street shooting often appearance. The tide people are like Chanel chain purse, dress up occasions and leisure out of the street without pressure. Chanel WOC 's internal structure: 6- But the chain is not removable Oh. Chanel WOC Baoshen is small, but the classic Link Check suture, which is 30% of the space., Double C logo metal accessories, leather, a chain no less, fine extraordinary. For those who like to go out easily. The price is about $ 1900. Gucci Animalier WOC Gucci in recent quarters is simply full firepower, in addition to a mini bag of Dionysian package, hot Animalhead tiger package series Also out of the chain purse. ray ban sunglasses factory outlet

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