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Image by Brooke Cagle

Darren's Quotes

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Staying-quote-1-manage change or it manage you.jpg
Staying-quote-7-body tells when stressed.jpg
Staying-quote-12-thoughts drive how feel.jpg
Staying-quote-3-neg thoughts trigger stress.jpg
Staying-quote-4-stress is inside out.jpg
Staying-quote-32-in control of choice.jpg
Staying-quote-31- sero resists stress.jpg
Staying-quote-29-stress mind body.jpg
Staying-quote-27-choose in all areas of life.jpg
Staying-quote-5-stress trigger by thoughts not sit.jpg
Staying-quote-2-stress not in event-in thoughts.jpg
Staying-quote-30-sero glass half full.jpg
Staying-quote-28-proactive choose impact.jpg
Staying-quote-25-proact choose leads less stress.jpg
Staying-quote-23-choose appreciation.jpg
Staying-quote-26-choose impact on another.jpg
Staying-quote-22- Choose the positive.jpg
Staying-quote-24-tip opposite in neg reaction.jpg
Staying-quote-20-nuggest of wisdom lesson in stress sit.jpg
Staying-quote-21-think crap feel crappin.jpg
Staying-quote-18-choose a better path.jpg
Staying-quote-19-emapthy get what give.jpg
Staying-quote-16-lttile ever wrong in present moment.jpg
Staying-quote-17-engage in moment.jpg
Staying-quote-14-choose better resp feel better.jpg
Staying-quote-15-big issue big chill time.jpg
Staying-quote-8-worse stress worse decisions.jpg
Staying-quote-13- you not others need change to feel happy.jpg
Staying-quote-9-unchecked stress cause mental health.jpg
Staying-quote-11-depress effect us family.jpg
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