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Bedtime Blues

Do you know about the wonders of your bodies natural “good mood fluid” serotonin? During my work- shops, I explain how important serotonin is and provide information on how to boost your levels and your mood. Here’s how this wondrous little substance effects you....Ever go to bed with an not your spouse, an issue issue. You toss and turn processing things. 10:34 turns into 11:02, then 11:37 and you finally drift-off to sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night, you’re laying there, semi-conscious, and it hits start thinking about it again...only this time, your problem seems way worse than before. A wave of stress moves through your body, your face feels’re totally awake. You think to yourself “this isn’t good, this is terrible, there’s no good way to deal with this, what am I going to do.” As you toss and turn and stress, the clock crawls along 3:26...3:57...4:06 and you finally drift-off again. Morning comes, you get ready for work, maybe grab a coffee and head out the door. The sun is just com- ing up and as you are driving to work the problem hits you again. Only this time, things don’t seem so bad. You start to see options that were no where in sight last night. You think, “this isn’t so bad, what was I so bent out of shape over last night?” What changed...your Serotonin levels changed. The levels of this “good mood fluid” in your body rise and fall with the sun. Meaning as the sun goes down at night, so do your serotonin levels and your mood. These days, the problem a lot of us are facing is that stress, diet and lifestyle are depleting our levels and effecting our mood even during the day. So what can you do about it? De-stress Tip: In my workshops I share my 3 step tool for starting your bodies serotonin engine. Here are some highlights: Try and get some protein at every meal....its the raw material your body relies on to make serotonin. Avoid “serotonin suckers” like sugar, white flour based foods and too much caffeine. Too much can really deplete your serotonin levels. Get out in the sun, it’s the key to starting your bodies serotonin engine. This is why many of us, especially in Canada, feel our mood sink over the winter months. Quote to Ponder: “Often when a person can’t get past stress, they will turn to overeating, drinking or smoking, which can become a greater problem than the stress itself.” – Marilu Henner De-stress a friend: Forward this email to a friend who could use a boost. It’s easy for them to sign-up and absolutely free. They just go to and sign up. Note: e-mail addresses be shared with no one. Contact Info: Darren Lang is a Professional Speaker and Trainer who specializes in helping clients reduce stress and stress leave. If you know someone who could benefit from Darren’s message at their next conference, quarterly staff meeting or customer appreciation night please ask them to give Darren a call. Ph: (306) 569-2433 E-mail: Website: © (copyright) Darren Lang’s “De-Stress” newsletter is sent out periodically. Parts of this publication may be reproduced by attaching the following footnote (Darren Lang copyright, 2009, If at any time you no longer want to receive these inspirational e-mails simply email us at with “Leave the Club” in the subject line. Have a Great Day!

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